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Custom Packaging Solutions

Solid Fiber Slip Sheets

Southern States Packaging Company Slip Sheets are manufactured from multiple plies of 100% Virgin Kraft Food Grade Paperboard laminated together with a proprietary moisture resistant adhesive. Our solid fiber slip sheets are the most cost-effective shipping platform available, replacing both wooden and plastic pallets.  

With our low-cost production system and proximity to major Kraft Linerboard producers, we have developed a reputation for supplying outstanding Slip Sheet quality and performance at a competitive price point.  Additionally, all our slip sheets meet the BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials, as recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). 

Cost Effective

By eliminating heavy and costly wood or plastic pallets from shipments, our Slip Sheets optimize space and weight capacity for additional finished goods, thus minimizing per unit transportation expense.

Space Saving

Our solid fiber slip sheets save 1/3 the inventory space of corrugated slip sheets and 1/100 the inventory space of wooden pallets, significantly reducing wasted storage space and material handling expense.


Our solid fiber slip sheets serve as a durable alternative to both wooden and plastic pallets.


At Southern States Packaging, we take ownership of our role in creating a sustainable future. Our objective is to create sustainable packaging products to help our customers meet and exceed their goals for reducing their environmental footprint. Because our Solid Fiber Slip Sheets are laminated together with a proprietary water-based adhesive, our product is 100% recyclable.

Slip Sheet Specs

Our Slip Sheets are available in a wide range of grades, sizes, and configurations making them highly customizable to your specific application. Additionally, we offer the option of single or multiple score lines and offer a variety of slip sheet textures and topical coatings. With our multiple production systems and numerous cutting dies, we are ready to handle all your specific requirements.  

Contact us to learn more about the practical applications and benefits of solid fiber slip sheets.

Slip Sheet Tier Sheet Top Cap

Slip Sheet

Our product serves as a durable alternative to both wooden and plastic pallets.

Tier Sheet

Our tier sheets are used to divide and separate layers of plastic and glass bottles, metal containers, bagged or boxed products, and a variety of other industrial applications.

Top Cap

Our tier sheets are used to divide and separate layers of plastic and glass bottles, metal containers, bagged or boxed products, and a variety of other industrial applications.

Solid Fiber Slip Sheets

Our Slip SHeets are the Best

Our Slip Sheets are cost effective, space efficient, and sustainable. 

Let us help you save money and space by replacing your current shipping platform. 

To learn more about what we can do to help, please contact us here.

Price Advantage

Slip sheets cost significantly less than wooden or plastic pallets. You can save up to 75% of the cost of a wooden pallet.

Reduce transportation expense

With rising costs of wood, plastic, and fuel, our Solid Fiber Slip Sheets diminish per unit transportation expense by optimizing load capacity.

Reduce wasted pallet return or rental expense

Our product is designed to be a one-way shipping platforms to be recycled at the final destination. This eliminates the space and expenses needed to accumulate, repair, and dispose of cumbersome wooden or plastic pallets.

Reduce material handling expense

Transporting pallets from the unloading dock to the unitizer often requires 4 or more material handling lifts. For the same effort of moving 20 pallets, the driver could move 3000 to 4000 of our Solid Fiber Slip Sheets.

Reduce wasted storage space

Our Slip Sheets are significantly smaller and lighter than other shipping options like wooden or plastic pallets. Up to 200 slip sheets fit in the same space as 1 wooden pallet.

Eliminate wasted finished goods due to insect infestation

Insects can live and breed within wooden pallets and corrugated slip sheets. Our products are solid fiber and manufactured from Virgin Kraft Linerboard eliminating the opportunity for insects to hide and breed.

Southern States Packaging Co.

Sheet Texture &


Environmentally friendly, water-based coating that provides high slide angles while remaining non-abrasive.  This coating may also be used to reduce the scuffing of materials stored in corrugated containers. This is hot melt and cold set glueable, printable, repulpable, recyclable, heat resistant and FDA direct compliant.   This proprietary coating is used in a variety of non-slip applications including Food Distribution, Corrugated Boxes, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic Containers, Automotive Parts, and Folding Cartons. 

Slip Assist

Significantly decreases the Coefficient of Friction to reduce the amount of force required to initiate slip. This coating is typically applied to the bottom side of Slip Sheets but can also we applied to Tier Sheets, if needed. Slip Assist coating is water-based and is completely recyclable and repulpable.   

Moisture Barrier

An environmentally friendly, water-based coating that prevents water and moisture penetration.    

Patent Pending Microembossing

One of our latest innovations is a patent pending Micro-Embossing process. By combining this process with our proprietary adhesive formulation and our state-of-the-art moisture control process, we create Tier and Slip Sheets with industry leading performance. Our Micro-Embossed sheets are guaranteed for single feed in automated applications.


Manufactured with plastic liners laminated to a fiberboard core, our Eco-Plast tier sheets only contain about 5% plastic resin. This makes for a cost-efficient alternative to plastic tier or slip sheets. See more here about the benefits on Eco-Plast.

Available Resins:

LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) Extrusion Coating
PET (Polyethylene) Cast Film Liner
Polyethylene and Wax Replacement Coating