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Custom Packaging Solutions

Coated Rolls

Custom Packaging Solutions

Coated Rolls

Our Coated Rolls Team works closely with corrugated plants, folding carton facilities, and other industrial customers to supply mill quality, pre-coated paper and paperboard rolls to help our customers improve productivity, reduce waste, and increase profits.

Our state-of-the-art lines of coated rolls, combined with our team’s technical expertise, logistical support, and superior customer service results in value added performance for today’s modern high-speed production lines.


Pre-Coated Rolls Primarily for:
Corrugation Folding Carton, Boxboard, Cup, Plate & Honeycomb Applications

Cost Savings

Purchasing Pre-Coated Rolls is proven to be less expensive than coating in-line when equipment set-up time, reduced line speeds, increased waste loss, and clean-up time associated with in-line coating is considered.

Industry Specific Coatings

We offer a variety of functional and decorative coatings designed to optimize results for your specific industry and application.

Equipment Capabilities

Finished Roll Width: 15" – 112” Finished Roll Diameter: 24" – 77” Maximum Unwind Diameter: 72”

Coated Roll Stock

The Off-Line Coating Advantage

Attempting to apply coatings in-line has historically resulted in lower productivity and increased waste
loss. Purchasing Pre-Coated Rolls increases your productivity and drives cost-savings by eliminating the
inefficiencies that are common to attempting to run coatings in-line on an existing production line.

Purchasing our Pre-Coated Rolls allows our customers to:

Optimize Equipment Set up Time

Increase finished goods output by eliminating the set-up time associated with in-line coating, thus optimizing line speed, and improving productivity.

Decrease Waste Loss

Avoid waste loss associated with the challenges of in-line coating by purchasing Pre-Coated Rolls.

Optimize Line Speeds

By purchasing Pre-Coated Rolls, you eliminate the speed inefficiencies affiliated with in-line coating, thus improving overall productivity.

Increase Profits

More Productivity means Cost Savings which, in turn, increases Profits for your business.

Coated Roll Specs

In addition to the variety of substates and functional coating options that we offer, our other coating processes include the following features:

  • Accurate coat weight control and consistency across the web
  • Computerized moisture control for accurate moisture profile across the web 
  • Convective and Infrared heat transfer drying system 
  • Chill roll system to remove latent heat from coated roll
  • Web Alignment system for precise edge control
  • Web Tension system to ensure even and consistent web tension of the rewound coated roll
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Our performance coatings are custom designed to offer specialized solutions across a variety of industries and applications, at the specifications and the runability that our customers love.

SSPC leverages state-of-the-art technology, combined with our in-house quality and chemical labs, to ensure our products increase your average line speed, reduce waste, and avoid costly delays.

Wax Replacements

We offer several Curtain Coat Wax Replacement options that are fully recyclable and repulpable.  The typical applications are the produce, bakery, meat, poultry, and seafood industries.

Anti-Skid Coating

Environmentally friendly, water-based coating that provides high slide angles and anti-slip properties while remaining non-abrasive. This coating is hot melt and cold set glueable, printable, repulpable, recyclable, heat resistant and FDA direct compliant. This proprietary coating is used in a variety of non-slip applications including Food Distribution, Corrugated Boxes, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic Containers, Automotive Parts, and Folding Cartons.

Release Coating

A general-purpose release coating that works well with molten rubber, tar, and other similar products.

Grease, Oil, and Stain Resistant Coating

A bright white coating designed to achieve high after-wax brightness for produce box applications. This coating is highly printable and cold set gluable and if fully recyclable.

Produce White Coating

A titanium-based coating designed to achieve high after-wax brightness for produce box applications.  It has high printability properties and is fully recyclable.

Wax Impregnated Medium with Tallow Wax

This recyclable and repulpable paraffin wax alternative can be applied to mediums and/or the backside of liners.  It improves the strength and durability of your box and provides protection against moisture penetration.

Moisture & Water Resistant Coatings

We have several moisture & water-resistant coating options tailored for specific applications.  In general, these coatings provide water shed properties.

Abrasion Resistant Coating

This coating offers superior non-marring and anti-scruff properties.  This coating is typically used to reduce the coefficient of friction on the coated surface to protect packaged items from the abrasion that can occur during shipping and handling.

Conductive/Anti-Static Coating

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protective coating that can be used to transport sensitive electronic components.


We have the capability to apply any PMS or GCMI color to Kraft, Mottled White, or Bleached linerboards.

Rust Inhibitor Coating

An anti-corrosion coating used when packaging ferrous metals.

Available Resins:

LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) Extrusion Coating
PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Cast Film Liner
Polyethylene and Wax Replacement