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Our FAQs provide answers to some of our more commonly asked questions. Our customer service and sales teams are ready to help you with your next packaging project. Don’t hesitate to give our team a call. 

General Info:

Southern States is recognized around the world for its customized laminating, die cutting, and coating expertise.  Our goal is to help customers maximize cost-efficiency and streamline their operations with unique solutions tailored to their individual businesses.  Our firm commitment to research and development has resulted in customer-focused product innovations that continue to address the market’s ever-changing needs.  We have the expertise, the experience, and the resources to find solutions to your packaging challenges.

We ship worldwide!  Based in Upstate South Carolina, our location provides excellent logistical and transportation services.  We are located close to Interstates 85, 26, 77, and 95, as well as several major ports located along the East Coast.  Rail service is provided by CSX.  Together, this not only enables us to drive supply chain efficiencies for our customers, but also the ability to ship both domestically and internationally. 


For slip and tier sheets, our minimum order quantity is 10 tons.

For pre-coated rolls, our minimum order quantity is 3 rolls.

Our typical lead time is 14 to 21 days.

Please use our Find a Sales Representative page to find a SSPC representative in your region.  Our team of experienced packaging professionals will be able to answer any of your questions regarding pricing and samples.  


Southern States Solid Fiber Products are designed to be more durable, moisture resistant, and stronger than corrugated packaging or recycled alternatives.  They are used in a variety of applications as a cost savings replacement for other packaging materials like wood, various plastics, expanded polystyrene (EPS), and other products.  Additionally, they are often reusable and are 100% recyclable.

Slip Sheets are a cost-effective pallet replacement that is compatible with Push-Pull Equipment mounted on forklifts to move units of shipping material.  Slip Sheets are often referred to Pull Pack Sheets or Push Pull Sheets.  

Tier Sheets are used to protect and improve the stability of stacked product in a pallet-load.  Tier Sheets are also commonly referred to as Divider Sheets, Tie Sheets, Tie Boards, Pallet Caps, Layer Sheets, and Pallet Tier Sheets.

On average, our slip sheet customers handle units that weight less than 5,000 lbs.  However, we have the capability to manufacture Slip Sheets over .200” in thickness, which can handle loads more than 5 tons (10,000 lbs.)

Our Solid Fiber Slip Sheets offers several advantages over Corrugated Slip Sheets and are generally more cost effective when factoring in price, space saving properties, and greater strength.  

Solid Fiber Slip Sheet are significantly lower in price because they do not require the middle sheet, called Medium or Fluting.  Eliminating the middle sheet reduces the cost of the paperboard by about 1/3, thus reducing the overall cost of the finished sheet.

Similarly, Solid Fiber Slip Sheets maximize your warehouse space and load capacity because they do not require the middle sheet.  Since laminated sheets are much denser than corrugated sheets, they “weigh out” long before they “cube out” shipments.  This means, we often pack 3 to 5 times more sheets per truckload than corrugated sheets, thus saving you both warehouse space and freight expense.  

As opposed to the corrugating process, which only increases stiffness strength, the Slip Sheet lamination process greatly increases the strength values of Tensile*, Tear*, and Mullen* by about 50% over the total strength values of the two individual sheets.

Generally, the most significant strength values needed in Slip Sheets are Tensile, Tear, and Mullen, in that order. 

*Mullen is defined as the resistance to rupture

*Tensile is defined as the resistance of the sheet to breaking under tension

*Tear is defined as the resistance to tearing the sheet

Our Eco-Plast Slip and Tier Sheets offer a cost-efficient alternative to Plastic Slip Sheets and Plastic Tier Sheets.  Our product is manufactured with Plastic Liners laminated to a fiberboard core.  The plastic surface provides the desired characteristics of a Plastic Tier Sheet, yet the core is produced from less expensive paperboard fiber as opposed to expensive poly resin. 

The surface of our Eco-Plast sheets will not crack, flake, or delaminate, and can be customized to match any color or coefficient of friction requirement.  The product is extremely durable, highly water resistant, and perfect for high humidity conditions.