Southern States Packaging Company

Southern States Packaging Company

Eco-Plast Tier Sheets

Eco-Plast Sheets

Your Plastic Alternative

Containing only 5% plastic resin, this development significantly reduces cost while providing all of the desired characteristics of the plastic version of this product.

Our Eco-Plast Slip and Tier Sheets offer a cost-efficient alternative to Plastic Slip Sheets and Plastic Tier Sheets.  Our product is manufactured with Plastic Liners laminated to a fiberboard core.  The plastic surface provides the desired characteristics of a Plastic Tier Sheet, yet the core is produced from less expensive paperboard fiber as opposed to expensive poly resin. 

The surface of our Eco-Plast sheets will not crack, flake, or delaminate, and can be customized to match any color or coefficient of friction requirement.  The product is extremely durable, highly water resistant, and perfect for high humidity conditions.