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The following is a list of frequently asked questions.  For additional assistance, please try our unique search function. 

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions):
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  1. (About Us) What Sets Southern States apart from the competition? -
    Southern States has a qualified group of technical and professional personnel trained in packaging to assess your application and evaluate the equipment, process and needs to determine the best and most cost effective product for your application.    We evaluate these needs to insure a quality consistent product for all packaging requirements.  We offer on site technical support as well as training.  We continue to monitor all customers in the event their needs change or a better, more cost effective product becomes available to help maintain a customer’s advantage in their industry.

  2. (About Us) I buy my Slip Sheets from a local box plant that delivers weekly, How can you service my mid-west company from South Carolina? -
    Laminated Solid Fiber Slip Sheets are much more compact than Corrugated sheets so they “weigh out” long before they “cube out” shipments, and that means they can economically be shipped over much greater distances. In fact, we ship our Solid Fiber sheets throughout the western hemisphere and to points in Asia and Europe.
    Since Laminated sheets are much more dense, we often pack 3, 4 or more times as many sheets in our Truckload shipments as the Corrugated supplier can, so you will receive more sheets per shipment and they won’t take up any more storage space than the Corrugated Sheets.  This translates into savings on your material handling costs as well as the labor cost for filling the feeder bin on your Palletizer. 

  3. (About Us) I buy my Slip Sheets from my Corrugated Box supplier so I get a high-volume price. How can you compete with their price? -
    Solid Fiber (Laminated) Slip Sheets are very different from Corrugated Slip Sheets and offer several advantages over Corrugated, including lower price and greater strength. The price is lower because the middle sheet (called Medium or Fluting) is not needed in a Solid Fiber sheet.  Eliminating that sheet reduces the cost of the paperboard by about a third, and reduces the cost of the finished sheet by roughly 15%.
    The Solid Fiber sheet is stronger because the Lamination Process increases the Strength values of Mullen (the resistance to rupture), Tensile (the resistance of the sheet to being pulled apart), and Tear (the resistance to tearing the sheet) by about 50% over the total Strength values of the two individual sheets.  The Corrugating Process does not increase any of these Strength values but does significantly increase the Stiffness Strength value. 
    In most situations, the most significant Strength values needed in Slip Sheets are Tensile, Tear and Mullen (in that order).

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  1. (Coatings) What is Control Coat? -
    Control Coat is a proprietary product that is used in a variety of non-slip applications including: Food Distribution, Corrugated Boxes, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic Containers, Automotive Parts and Folding Cartons. 
    This environmentally friendly, water-based coating provides high slide angles while remaining non-abrasive.  (Typical performance is 40 to 80 degree slide angle varying with coat weight)  Unlike other anti-slip materials, the dynamic and static coefficients of friction are similar.  Control Coat may also be used to reduce the scuffing of materials stored in corrugated containers.  Control Coat is hot melt and cold set glueable, printable, repulpable, recyclable, heat resistant and FDA direct compliant.  
    Southern States Packaging Company can provide Control Coat on a variety of products including:
    • Pre-Coated Kraft Linerboard for Corrugators
    • Pre-Coated Folding Carton Board (Rolls and Sheets) 
    • Multi-ply Laminated Board (Rolls and Sheets) 
    • Square Cornered Sheets  
    • Laminated and Die Cut Slip Sheets
    • Layer boards
    • Divider Sheets
    • Separator Sheets
    • Tier Sheets and Pallet Pads  Coated One or Two Sides.  

  2. (Coatings) What is Slip Assist? -

    Slip Assist is a topical coating that significantly decreases the Coefficient of Friction to reduce the amount of force required to initiate slip. This coating is typically applied to the bottom side of Slip Sheets or the top side of Top Caps.  Slip Assist is water-based, completely recyclable and repulpable.

  3. (Coatings) What are the benefits of using Coated Tie Sheet and Top Caps? -
    Coated sheets are primarily used when the application demands certain performance characteristics such a single feed on an automated sheet inserting system.

    In the automated insert application, the primary function of the coating is to seal the sheet preventing vacuum penetration thus eliminating the possibility of multiple-pickups.  The actual coating can be designed to impart additional performance characteristics. 
    • Our Blend Coating combines Anti-Skid and Moisture-Barrier properties. 
    • Our Slip Assist Coating can be applied to the top side of a Top Cap to reduce the coefficient of friction and eases load separation in a high-stack palletless warehouse.  And
    • Control Coat can be applied on one or two sides to securely stabilize the unit load. 

    As with all of our coatings, these products are water-based and environmentally friendly, so the products are completely recyclable as OCC (Old Corrugated Containers).

  4. (Coatings) What are the most common types of coatings applied to sheets and what are those coatings' functions? -
    Control Coat (Anti-Skid), Slip Assist and our Moisture Barrier / Anti-Skid Blend coating are the most common coatings that we apply to Slip Sheets, Tier Sheets, Top Caps, Pallet Pads, Divider Sheets and Tie Sheets.

  5. (Coatings) If a customer needs coating on a box, what information do we need in order to find the correct coating? -
    The more information you have on the end application of the box the better.  We need the following specifications before we can recommend a coating: 
    1. What properties the box needs to have (water resistant, oil resistant, etc...)?
    2. What type of product is being put into the box (produce, meat, bakery, etc...)?
    3. Glue type (hot/cold - specific glue brand)?
    4. Does the box need to be printable?

  6. (Coatings) Do you supply color coated board? -
    Yes.  We can apply any PMS or GCMI color to Kraft, Mottled White, or Bleached linerboards.  In order to provide a quote on colors we will need the exact color number or a sample of the color for matching.  Typically, we will deliver a "draw down" color match sample along with a quotation for the job within 48 hours of receiving the request or sample.  Please contact us with any additional questions that you may have regarding colors.

  7. (Coatings) What coating should be used for bakery application? -
    There are several coatings specifically designed for bakery applications.  Our specific recommendation would be based on several factors including the product's sugar and oil content.  In addition, printing and gluing requirements are additional considerations.  Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and we help you select the best product for your application.

  8. (Coatings) Do you supply coatings that are in compliance with FDA direct standards? -

    Yes, and we can provide this information depending on which coating you are interested in.

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  1. (Orders) What are the minimum quantities we can supply? -
    Our typical minimum production order is 10 tons.  Smaller, 5 ton quantities are available from stock items including:
    44 x 56 x .060" Tier Sheets
    43 x 51 x .060" Slip Sheets
    38 x 44 x .024" Coated 1 Side Tie Sheets
    36 x 44 x .010" Control Coated 2 Side Tie Sheet
    37 x 45 x .008" Control Coated 2 Side Tie Sheet

  2. (Orders) Can we supply a truckload of different size sheets? -
    With non-stocked items, we can supply up to 3 individual sheet configurations per truckload shipment.  Stocked items are available in 5 ton quantities.

  3. (Orders) What is Your Lead Time? -

    Southern States typically produces orders within 5 to 7 working days provided we have the raw materials in inventory.

    With Contractual Agreements, Blanket Purchase Orders, and Stocking Agreements, we maintain adequate inventories to meet our customer's needs and expectations. 

  4. (Orders) What information do I need to get a quote on pre-coated linerboard? -
    You need to supply us with the substrate type, basis weight, roll width ranges, & coating type.

  5. (Orders) What is your minimum order requirement for pre-coated roll stock? -
    Due to the time and expense required for the coating process set-up, we maintain a 3 roll minimum order for all pre-coated roll stock.

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  1. (Products) What Tier Sheet, Tie Sheet and Top Cap options does SSPC offer? -

    SSPC offers a broad range of Uncoated and Coated Tie Sheets and Top Caps that are available in standard sheet or in customized die cut configurations. The Uncoated products are typically used in applications where the sheets are placed in position manually.  The Coated products are specifically designed for performance characteristics such as moisture or slip resistance, and these sheets are used primarily to prevent multiple-feeds on automated sheet-inserting systems.

  2. (Products) What's the maximum pull capacity a slip sheet can handle? -
    Typically, our slip sheet customers are handling units that are less than 5,000 pound in weight.  However, Southern States has the capability to manufacture slip sheets over .200" in thickness.  Theoretically, this sheet could handle loads in excess of 5 tons.

  3. (Products) Do you sell plastic Slip Sheets and Tier Sheets? -
    We manufacture Eco-Plast Slip Sheets and Tier Sheets.  End users typically site the surface qualities of plastic sheets for the primary reason for use.  Our product offers the same surface characteristics, yet the core of our sheet is produced from less expensive paperboard fiber as opposed to the expensive poly resin that does not providing any real benefit.
    The surface of our Eco-Plast sheets will not crack, flake or delaminate, so our Eco-Plast products are a very attractive alternative to solid plastic sheets.  Please click the following link for more detailed information on Eco-Plast

  4. (Products) What’s the difference between Slip Sheets and Tier Sheets? -
    Slip Sheets are designed to work with Push-Pull Equipment mounted on Forklifts to move shipping units of material.  Slip Sheets are also sometimes referred to as Pull Pack Sheets.  
    Tier Sheets are all of the sheets that are used to protect the product in the Pallet-Load. Tier Sheets are commonly referred to by several other names including: Tier Sheets, Divider Sheets, Pallets Caps, Pallet Pads and Gripping Sheets.

  5. (Products) What are the main benefits of using Solid Laminated Slip Sheets as opposed to wooden pallets? -

    There are several benefits to using Solid Laminated Slip Sheets from Southern States.  These include 

    • Reduce wasted storage space – up to 200 sheets fits in the same space as 1 wooden pallet
    • Reduce wasted material handling expense – transporting pallets from unloading dock to the unitizer, often requires 4 or more material handling lifts.  For the same effort of moving 20 pallets, the driver could be moving 3000 to 4000 SSPC Slip Sheets.
    • Reduce wasted transportation expense – with rising fuel and transportation costs, SSPC Slip Sheets are even more efficient than wooden pallets.  By eliminating unnecessary, heavy and costly wood from the shipment, the shipper can optimize the load by opening space and weight capacity for additional finished goods thus lowering the per unit transportation expense.
    • Reduce wasted pallet return or rental expense – SSPC Slip Sheets are designed as one-way shipping platforms to be recycled as Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) at the final destination.  This completely eliminates the space and expense needed to accumulate, repair or dispose of the cumbersome wooden pallets.
    • Eliminate wasted finished goods due to insect infestation – insects can live and breed within wooden pallets as well as corrugated paperboard slip sheets.  SSPC Slip Sheets are solid and manufactured from Virgin Kraft Linerboard, so there is nowhere for insects to hide or breed.


      Additional benefits of SSPC Slip Sheets:

    •  100% Recyclable – SSPC Slip Sheets are 100% recyclable as OCC.
    • Significantly reduced initial purchase cost
    • Available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 ply laminates 
    • Available Topical Coatings include: Control Coat (Anti Slip), Slip Assist, Moisture Barriers, Grease Barriers, Polyethylene, FDA Compliant Mold Inhibitors, and Insect Irritants 

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